Monday, March 19, 2012


It's been a yappy week. Coach Cruella yapped, "Down in the knees!". Dance Coach yapped, "Sit up straight!" And no one was happy.

"Let me explain this to you," I told Dance Coach while I was catching  my breath after a particularly awful string of inside swingrolls, "The American way is for positive reinforcement. Lots of praise that I'm improving. Turn a blind eye to the fact that I look like a duck on ice, look for something positive to say even when you're correcting me. Your way, is that no matter how much I improve, I'm always doing something wrong."

"Is Russian way." he said.

Does this picture really need a caption?


  1. My problem is that although my coach gives tons of positive reinforcement, I never believe him.

    Not that I'd like 'the Russian Way' better (I wouldn't), but there's clearly no pleasing skaters!

  2. I thought about this again today. I have a definite American coach.

    I'm working on converting a half flip to a full flip. I've got about a 3/4 flip. Coach wants it in program instead of my loop, which I really cheat too, but at least I land backwards at the end of the cheat.

    He tells me "You're getting closer" and "It's a lot bigger than the loop". Amoebas are bigger than my loop. A Russian coach wouldn't praise my flip at all! (We do have a Russian coach at our rink- when I sprained my wrist he told me I needed to practice more so I wouldn't hurt myself.)

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