Friday, March 23, 2012

The Ice Dance Way

Today my home rink had a late afternoon public immediately after freestyle. In fact, since there's no ice cut, people pour onto the ice at 430. So it's an interesting public. Lightly attended, but with coaches with students, and freestyle students (including one girl doing triples), and ice tourists. Oh, and a half dozen little boys in full hockey gear and no stops, too. I love this public session, and seldom get to go to it. Great fun.

As I booted up, one mother was complaining to me that the rink didn't have buckets or frames so she could just set her 'nearly' three year old in full gear (Including helmet!) on the ice by himself.

"Oh, buckets and frames are dangerous." I said before my brain could put a lock on my mouth.

The mother looked up at me from tying her son's skates, a cross expression on her face. "How can it be dangerous? He's got on pads and a helmet."

Well, in for a penny. "It's dangerous for other people. Little kids on frames go too fast, don't know how to stop or watch for other people and run into them. It hurts other skaters, not the kids."

The woman looked as if for the first time she realized that the world didn't orbit around her. I often have that effect on people.

Well, my work there was done so I got on the ice.

I'm doing deliberate practice starting with the weak side first. And practicing Coach Cruella's precepts for posture and stroking.

When I'm skating properly (upright body, stroking with the oblique stroke and point) I'm in pain in the feet and hips inside 5 minutes. And, I'm still not upright as far as Dance Coach wants me. I glance in the glass and I'm so verry, verry close. But not PERFECTION! I'll get yapped at tomorrow in lesson.

On the other hand, Coach Cruella's 3 turn technique (the freestyle way) is working. I'm getting some distance on back edge finally and I'm able to hold the free leg up and out. I plan to drop this on Dance Coach and watch him frown. I can predict his very words.

He'll make a dismissive gesture. "Do it that way if you want, but is not ice dance way." Properly chastised, I'll then do it his way. But I'll have a smirk on.

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