Saturday, October 22, 2016

Small Wins

When I'm learning a new skill I try to look at the "small wins" along the way.

What's a small win? It's the successful development of a small skill that fits in to an over all Big Skill.

Let's start with a Big Skill like a scratch spin. What are the small skills to master to make a small win?

Getting a decent two foot entry.

Getting the toes pointed together.

Getting the arms and upper body positioned.

Building speed and getting comfortable with the rotation.

Lifting one foot!!!! SMALL WIN!

Single Rotation !!!! Small Win

One foot entrance!!!! SMALL WIN!
                                                               <------I AM HERE---
Multi-rotation Spin Upright Spin!!! Big Win! 

And I this point I think I would be ready to go for the Big Skill of the scratch spin....which starts with its small wins of its own. (Like crossing that leg over---that's going to be a long time coming)

I know, it does seem small, but the other day I realized I was willing to try two foot spins sitting, and then with weird arm positions, and then lift one foot. These weren't great spins. But there was a Small Win---I wasn't afraid to try them!

I guess Yoda is looking forward to the back spin.

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  1. You should definitely celebrate the small wins. And you are totally right - small wins lead up to the big elements and big wins!!