Tuesday, October 18, 2016

How Much Does it Cost? 2016 Update

Here is my annual estimate of my skating costs. I haven't done this since 2012!

Rink Club membership (all the publics I can skate, plus group lessons for the year) $600

One 1/2 hour lesson a week (minus 6 weekends a year I'm out)  $1150

Skate Sharpening ($20 apiece) ~ $100

Skate gear (replacement bunga pad, knee highs, laces, soakers, tape, tights)  $75

Driving Expenses  (gas, wear and tear on car using federal estimates)  $2100 

Trip to Lake Placid----man I prefer not to think about that--maybe $2000? It's the only vacation I take all year.

Being able to pass for 50?

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