Saturday, October 1, 2016

Raising The Bar

I was doing mohawks around a circle for my coach today. That's 'do a mohawk, turn forward' repeat.

Really, it's Forward mohawk-backward mohawk-repeat.

I was feeling such confidence. Decent speed, nice body position, etc.

"Well, that was okay, except for the rhythm," my coach said. "It should be 1..2..3 but you're doing it 1...2.3......1...2.3."

"I have to start somewhere."

My coach waved her hands above her head. "I'm just raising the bar."

My Coach
I hate to tell my coach I quit ice dance was because I have no sense of rhythm.... I think the bar is going to stay in place for awhile.

Anyway, spins coming along nicely. Now it's crossover, mohawk, spin entry, spin, spin exit, side toe hops, skate forward.

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  1. Sounds like your were doing a jig and your coach wanted a waltz..