Saturday, October 29, 2016

Multi-Rotation One Foot Spins!---Sort Of

In the category of Small Wins, I can now enter a one foot spin (Small Win: consistency) and go into a multi-rotation spin without fear (Small Win: Well, without fear, it's hard to categorize this one). The only problem is my consistency of the number of rotations.

And the number of rotations?
What? You're underwhelmed? What if I told you it was a solid one foot  2, not one of these wussy twos where you count the two foot rotation as part of the 2 rotations?  AND WITH SPEED! And on the right part of the blade!

What's your reaction NOW?! Huh? Huh?

Yeah, you are just like my coach.

Anyway, I get so excited that I look down, and damn, there goes the spin.

However, I've lost my fear of circular rotation! Now if I can just train myself to not look down!


  1. No fear is a sign of sure progress! More revolutions sure to come. Awesome!