Sunday, April 17, 2016

The Embarassing Moment

Gold Skater, one of our male adult skaters and I were having a good gossip when the topic of spreadeagles came up. The male skater has some amazing spreadeagles and he has been giving some tips to Gold Skater to improve hers.

I've been working on spreadeagles but I haven't got the loose hips to really get a spread, but I said, "Mine have improved."

"Oh, let's see." Gold Skater said.

I took a stroke and turned into my inside spereadeagle. I don't have the turnout for my feet yet but it's better than it was a couple of months ago. I was just relaxing into the spread when the heel of my trailing blade twisted and.... trailing foot stuck where it was, but the leading foot kept going .....

Then I did a faceplant with my ass up in the air....

My blades were now at an angle where I couldn't pull them in to the center and they were further apart than is natural for a 64 year old woman. More of a split than a 'spread'.

So, face down on the ice, balanced on my hands, my ass up in the air, I had to toe-heel my skates into the center so I could push up to standing.

I  stood and looked at the other skaters "Well, I've got the spread but not the eagle!"


  1. A while back, I damaged my tailbone in a similar event involving an outside spreadeagle. I went down hard and exclaimed "AAAAAUUUGGGH! The moon landing was real!!!"