Saturday, April 13, 2013

Test Session--Part 1

Someplace, somewhere is a Test Chair a couple of months before the Test.

"Okay, this time I'm getting ahead of the test. Everything's
organized and ready to go."
Then the Test Chair tries to get volunteers
"Who wants to be an ice monitor?
Anyone? Anyone?"
Finally, by using persuasion, bribery, and underhanded techniques, the Test Chair gets some volunteers.

And suddenly, the test is oversubscribed...and people start registering late.
"We'll pay the late registration fee! Please let us in!"
The Test Chair's plans now look like this:
"Oh, no! Only a week to go!"
Meanwhile, the testing skaters ready themselves with confidence and calm certitude.

OMG! Coach just added ANOTHER SPIN with a week to go!!!
Tomorrow: Test Day!


  1. I love love love your kitten series. Thumbs up to all wonderful volunteers who keep our sport going!!

  2. More kittens!!! Ah, skating tests... the bane of my existence...