Thursday, April 25, 2013

Test Hair-Part Deux--The French Twist

Last year I covered the way I do buns for skating tests. Today, I want to cover doing your hair as a french twist for tests.
I think this looks elegant. It's a
simple alternative for women who
don't look good in a bun.
There are complicated ways to do french twists involving pins and requiring three hands, but my way is simple and takes just a couple of minutes. However, my way requires your hair be close to shoulder length and a blunt cut. Shag cuts will require a lot more pinning.

Here's what you'll need.

A french twist comb:
This is a less expensive one.
Try in ULTA
This is a quality one. More expensive too.
If your hair is thin, you may want a 'rat' to pad the twist to make it larger. A hair rat is a roll of hair or foam or netting (the color of your hair) about 3-4" long and an ~inch in diameter. I take an old wiglet and cut a chunk out and make it into a rat. But the best way is to make it out of your own hair so it matches.
Here are a couple of rats someone has
made from their own hair
 (I learned how to do it when I was 5)
Now, here are instructions on how to actually 'do' the twist and use the twist comb. If you have a little tail above the twist, you can let it wag, or you can tuck it down into the twist at the end for a smoother look. To use the hair rat, as you twist the hair in Step 2, twist the hair around the rat by slipping the rat into the fold of the hair at the beginning then continue as in the instructions. If the rat is too heavy or dense the comb won't work. So don't try using something like a rolled up piece of cloth.

I can do a french twist in about a minute. Zip Zap Thunderclap, it's done.

If you want to do a twist in a casual setting, don't tuck in the tail at the top of the twist. Take a barrette and insert it so it catches the tail of the twist and the hair underneath rather than to use a comb (which looks more formal).

You may be frustrated with barrettes from the drugstore or even the beauty accessories store. I have baby fine hair and find even the nicer ones in beauty stores snag my hair. I've taken to buying France Luxe barrettes online. OMG. If the beauty store barrettes are a Toyota Corolla, dependable, and reliable but lacking in finishing details, France Luxe twist combs and barrettes are Porsches. I love these. But they are expensive. I keep my collection of France Luxe accessories in my jewelry box. (On the nice side, for every 3 you buy in an order, you get a free gift of a barrette or pony tie. I've got a couple of nice ones worth about $20 each for free. But it's catch as catch can.)

Bright to match your costume

Classic colors for subtlety
So there's all my tips about how to do a french twist for a test, with comments on barrettes and combs if you want to try buying something of top of the line quality.


  1. Thankyou many times over!

    I cannot get hairclips (barrettes) here in Oz. I am told that they're not fashionable anymore, so not on sale.

    France Luxe is a truly wonderful site. SO many hairclips and pony tail holders.


  2. Have you seen those corkscrew shaped bobby pins yet? I think Goody makes them. I've been trying those out for "work hair" to see if they stay in my fine slippery mop. So far, so good.

    1. Yep, I covered those in . They work for me!