Sunday, April 21, 2013

Visual History of Skating

St. Jerome works on his mohawk.
I can hear his coach, "Get that back arm down!"
Early skating judge evaluates women's single skater,
while the audience chants, "VI, VI, VI !"
Early Japanese Men's singles have trouble with the design of their skating blades,
they decide to fight a duel instead. 

1700 A.D.
Early crinolines form the perfect skating protection.
At the same time, Nude skating is introduced.
For some reason, it never becomes popular

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  1. Am looking through your blog for the first time even though I've been an adult skater for a while. This was really funny. Thank you so much! I just started a blog about ice dancing as an adult: pretty heavy on the personal reflection, but I hope to put in more technical content this season.