Friday, April 26, 2013

Relearning FI3

Madam Mim is working on my FO3 checks. While my turns are fine, I have issues in checking w/ my shoulder, so I end up making a turn that is heart shaped.

Madam Mim says it's 'butt shaped'.  Well, that's some negative motivation.

Then she says, "Let's work on your inside 3's."

To my surprise, residual skating memory works. I recover my okay beginner FI3 inside a few minutes.

Then I'm directed to work on my checks.

First try, I haul the leading shoulder back, going deep in the knee as I come out of the turn and glide for about 6 feet.

On the wrong edge.

Madam Mim takes out her Marker of Doom and sketches out the turn.

"Perfect rocker," she says.

First thought through my mind:
My three turn's crap
Then a second later...
Oh, delight! I have a rocker!
It's like losing your virginity. Accident or not, it counts!

"Oh, good," Madam Mim says, " I think that means you're ready for back 3s. Let's start."

ooooh noooo


  1. Back 3s! Get thee some padded shorts, knee pads, and an Ice Halo! Them there back 3s produce some nasty falls! Why just the other day...

    1. Yes, the Ice Halo. I've been thinking about that for the last couple of weeks. Madam Mim tolerates no wussiness in back edges and I've had several back falls.

      I decided on the Orange fleece. My black fleece one walked away, so it ought to be easier to keep track of an orange one.

      Also, in freestyle, when I put an organge one on, I'll look like a mobile cone and people will stay out of my way.

  2. Rockers are hard, woman! Well done! I would squeal with delight, too!

  3. "The Accidental Rocker" good title for your autobiography?

    1. I was hoping for "How to get an Axel after 60."