Sunday, January 6, 2013

Who's That Girl?

She's everywhere.

I'm sure you've seen her on webpages for various rinks, it's Figure Skating Stock Photo Girl!
Figure Skating Stock Photo Girl
 I admit the first time I saw her, I couldn't help but give out a sigh of envy. If only I was that slim, that athletic, that tall, that pretty.....that young.

And that sweater? Isn't it giving out the whole "Cutting Edge" Practice outfit vibe?
I love this practice outfit, so classy. And the little silver brooch, Swoon!
So, the first time I saw Figure Skating Stock Image Girl, I just saw the look, the hair cut, the sweater. Then years later I chanced across the picture again, and something about the boots struck me as...odd. Isn't the boot shaft a little too tall? And, why are there 6 hooks on the shaft? I don't think I've ever seen a modern boot with more than 4.

Uh, what's going on here?

Let's look at that blade.

No drop pick, just a toe rake!

She's got 20 year old boots and patch blades!

Oh, and when I looked up stock photos of people carrying their boots, every single one had the boots slung over the shoulder or around the neck.

In real life, who does that?

Okay, who does that except people posing for slack jawed ignoramus photographers?


  1. I've never seen that photo before, but as soon as I saw it I thought "those skates must be ancient". Look at how floppy the skate hanging down her back looks. And that stitching line through the side of the boot on the other skate.

    I guess that some props person fished those skates out of an attic or out of the depths of a props room.

    Hope you heal quickly. I think this will give you a chuckle:

    1. Yes it did give me a chuckle. A real hockey foot there!

  2. I was thinking about adding sweaters to my skating wardrobe, for a bit of an old school vibe I've seen in old figures videos. I thought about how skating clothes have always gone through trends, but then I realized that there was another reason why skaters used to wear sweaters: no modern athletic fabrics.

    I'm not sure a silver brooch would have quite the same effect on a fleece pullover!

    1. Those are good points about modern fabrics. I have a couple of thin Nike shirts that are amazingly warm.

      I do have a classic white 'figures' style sweater I wear under a bright pink UnderArmour vest. I like the look, but I'm probably anomaly, but I dress for myself.

  3. Thanks Babette. I feel better now about not being "that girl" who "is slim, that athletic, that tall, that pretty.....[nor]that young"!

  4. They look like the boots my high school friend bought in a charity shop for $10 back in 1983. They were old fashioned even then, but saw her through early learn to skate classes before her parents bought her proper boots.

  5. I tried that once to look cool at an outdoor rink. My shoulders hurt.