Friday, January 4, 2013

The Russians are Coming! The Russians are Coming!**

I think I may have as many as 4 (FOUR!) readers in Russia! Or one that checks four times a day.*

What? You don't believe me? It's a big country, it could happen!

Russian skater: "We're looking for the Ice Doesn't Care blog

Circassian skater: It's over there, at the corner
of Xanboni Lane and Skatingforums Avenue
 So if you speak Russian, can you help me expand my skating vocabulary? Just in case I have another wonderful Russian ice dance coach in the future. And I think my other readers who have Russian coaches would like to know too.

So dear Russian reader, if you have the time......

Words I want to know:

Three turn  --- okay, this one I do know. It's Troika. What about back troika?
Skating Blade
Skating Boot
Hold--as in 'dance hold' or 'foxtrot hold'
Choctaw turn
Mohawk turn
Push off
and last but not least,
Ice Dance!
Help me Russian Skaters, you're my only hope.

* The little map of Russia on my stats page lights up, and I check to make sure it's not spam. When it's not spam, I count it as a real, live person!
**"The Russians are Coming! The Russians are Coming!" was a 1966 comedy movie regarding the Cold War. It was only funny until about 1970, but the title lives on in people of a certain age (over 50).

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  1. I have a Russian coach too, so I'd be interested to know!