Friday, November 9, 2012

Don't Forget Your Boots!

Ever forget your boots before a competition? Or driving to the rink?

Here's an absolutely easy way to never forget them again.

It will cost you $1.

So 3 times in 2 months I left my boots at home. I used to put my boots in the back seat of the truck, where I could see them. But when I got a sedan, I put them in the trunk.  And 3 times I drove off, leaving them in the living room. It was summer and I didn't like leaving my boots in the back seat, getting all hot and ruining the leather.

And if you're hauling a number of people to the rink, you may not have room in the back seat for the boot bag and have to put it in the trunk.

Here's my solution for never forgetting your boots again.

Go to the Dollar Store and buy a slap bracelet.

Put the bracelet on the handle of your boot bag.

When you put the bag in the trunk of the car, take the bracelet off the boot bag, and put it around one of the spokes of the steering wheel. If you have multiple people with boot bags, everyone gets a different color. When you get home put the slap bracelet back on the bag. Easier and faster than any other solution I could think of.
No slap bracelet, your skates are in the house!
There, I've just saved you a wasted trip to the rink!

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