Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Do Clothes Make Your Skating Better?

Let's Move on
But they can make you feel better about yourself. And that's a good thing. Maybe we all need a psychological boost now and then.

The other day Miss Cheerleader took me shopping to get me out of the many, many black/grey/white t-shirts I wear and the jackets that are starting to 'go'. So now I have a collection of bright colored winter shirts, some nice jackets and a whole new attitude.

So, no, I don't skate better in the new clothes. But for some reason I enjoy skating just a little bit more when I take care of how I dress. 

I'm of the generation where women wore gloves to church, and hose every day. So maybe it's just me. I like to coordinate down to the gloves.

And since I bought a couple of pretty skating jackets, they can do double duty as work jackets.

I'm now in love with Spyder and Zella jackets.  I've found that scrimping on a jacket really isn't worth it. A well made jacket will last for season after season. My cheap-o ones seemed to last about half a season before the zippers gave out. As for shirts, Miss Cheerleader convinced me to get some bright colors that contrasted with the jackets.

I look stunning on the ice (for an elderly lady).

And when I skate, maybe I do skate with just a bit more style and panache.  I'm going to cut those girls in Chloe Noel some slack from now on. :-)
Like my new jacket?


  1. I recently bought a new jacket for skating too, and I've had quite a few people making nice comments about it. I'll admit that that made me pretty happy!

    1. I think the bright jacket makes me focus on my posture since (I imagine) people will be staring at me.

  2. Recently got the SeKu protective pants. Went a bit silly and asked for them in blue not black. OH MY they are mighty fine pants. I attribute recent success in learning spins to these pants. The protective pads magically gave me spins.

    It is possible that another make of protective clothing would give me spins...

    Also on a fruitless quest for the perfect jacket.

  3. I coordinate everything, down to the sweat towel I bring on the ice with my gloves and leggings and sports bra and top and soakers and guards. I do have one skating jacket (I get so sweaty, I don't wear it long at practice), but I got it in a color that would coordinate with all my skating outfits.

  4. I can't deny it, when I dress like an athlete, I feel like an athlete. I have one pair of skate pants and one pull-over that I love - they make my extension better and my edges deeper, it's a fact.

  5. When I got my own pair of brand new figure skates in August my coach told me is was time to dress like a skater. So now it's yoga pants and color tops from either Under Armour or Athleta, and a black Zella jacket. I rarely wear the jacket as skating does a good job of heating me up.