Friday, June 29, 2012

Stupid Stuff 'Every Skater Does'

So occasionally, I hear stories. Something horrible has happened. Older skaters nod wisely, "Every skater does that....once."

Worst one, step on the ice with your blade guards on. I made it to year four before I stepped on the ice with my soakers on. Fortunately, I always hold on to the door jamb when I'm stepping onto the ice and didn't fall. I've heard stories of this happening to elite skaters at high level competitions. Barring video, I'm disinclined to believe it. Aren't their coaches with them every step of the way? And wouldn't the gate staff point it out?  Regular skaters, sure I can see it. In fact at Aspen I saw it happen three times in one day!  Altitude and Fatigue.

Most embarassing one, showing up at a competition without your skates.  Mmmm, never competed so I never did this.  However, I've heard from people who have done this. Me, the worst I've done is drive to the rink without my skates for a freestyle session. And then drove home 5 seconds after I opened the back door of the car and saw it was empty.

I suppose I have bad costume choices in my future.  And other things.

And in my past I have bad choices too.

Oh yeah, I thought Nixon was cute.

Not this one
This one
Pandering to my UK readers there ;-)


  1. ;) I still can't think of Sam without thinking of a cuddly panda thanks to Katerina Witt's comment on Dancing on Ice! (~ 5min38s)

  2. I shared this on skatingforums already, but it's so out of line I'll put it out there again: what about going into the rink for group lesson, absentmindedly starting to put on the skates, stepping on the floor and feeling something is different, only to discover instead of ice skates, you have ROLLER BLADES on! Fortunately the real ice skates are in the car trunk instead of at home...

  3. I made it almost five years before I stepped onto the ice with my guards on, but I did fall, so I suppose you've got me beat. I've never heard of a skater before who managed to not fall. Congratulations!

    I've left for practice an hour away and forgotten my skates and not realized it until I was halfway there. Another skater showed up at a competition (I want to say it was Adult Nationals) without his skating outfit. There was a mix-up and he and his partner both thought the other one brought it out to the car, and by the time he realized what had happened it was too late to try to buy another. He did have warm-up clothes, but he was really embarrassed.

    1. Well, I primarily didn't fall because I was holding onto something and I was wearing those walk around soakers with the heavy bumpy bottom on them. I managed to hold myself up on the gate and step back out.