Monday, June 4, 2012

Backwards Falls

So, I sat down to Sunday lunch with my friend the Big Guy, who used to figure skate, and during a recitation of my week, I told him how I 'almost killed' my coach.

The Big Guy grinned without any sympathy for my horror. "I once saw a former elite skater at a suburban freestyle take a backwards fall." He tells me the gentleman's name. He had been a team member at Worlds and won at least one Gran Prix gold medal in his time. "He was skating backwards really fast and hit a rut. You know how bad the ice was at that rink. He fell backwards flat on his butt and slid halfway down the rink. You could see on his face it caught him completely by surprise."

I know what would have happened if this had happened to me. In the blink of an eye every coach in the rink would have been at my side solicitously asking if I was okay.

I think for a second. "Did they laugh?" I ask.

"Oh yeah."

Well, I don't feel quite so bad now.

You can stop laughing now


  1. I've only fallen backwards once. I have no idea how it happened. I was skating forward, and then suddenly my back was smacking against the ice. I learned I have good tuck instinct though, because I only hit my head lightly.

    I'm so scared of the "big fall". Is it possible for it just not to happen?

  2. I fell backwards - bum - shoulders - skull. Minor concussion and very sore muscles. Now wear an Ice Halo. Remain terrified of going backwards, can't do backwards crossovers yet.

    I've been considering buying some protective gear. I figure it might be the only way I conquer my fear and manage crossovers and possibly even a mohawk. Any suggestions?

    1. I did a series of posts last year in November on skating protection. Just look in the Blog archive over on the right in Nov 2011. Start with "The pad in the hat" and work your way through "Wrist Guards" and all 3 of the "Hips Knees and Elbows" posts.

    2. Thankyou Babbette - I've read those posts.

      I'm a musician and the first protective thing I bought were wrist guards. Very glad I did too! Then came my own skates, yoga pants and the Ice Halo.

      Has anyone tried the Se_Ku pants with protectors?

    3. You may want to join and ask that question. There's lots of people over there with answers and opinions!

    4. OK - did that too! Fascinating company : )

      I also emailed the company that makes the d30 compound in the UK. They make differing compounds and thicknesses depending on the use. So, protectors for the frail elderly are thicker to prevent fractures. Pads for skaters are thinner to prevent bruising and are designed to work in low temperatures. Then I emailed Se_Ku - apparently they can make me a pair of pants, in my size, bootcut stye in NAVY!!! I am sick of black for everything.

      So I guess I'm saving up for some new Se_Ku pants.

  3. After more than one concussion (off the ice), I wear an ice halo too, every time I skate. If you protect nothing else, protect your head.

    Falls are part of skating and I've had my share over the years, but I've also seen too many people, some of them very good skaters, with severe head injuries recently.

    It took me awhile to get over my machisma attitude about protective gear, but now I don't care what anyone thinks.