Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Ice Show Cometh

I'm not quite panicked yet, but a little tremble of speculative unease is beginning to build.

Last night Coach Amazing gave me my choreography as the Angel of Death for the zombie number. The dress rehearsal is coming up. And there's going to be spotlights at the show. This weekend I finish the costume, and take it to practice on Saturday freestyle. As soon as it's picture worthy, I'll post it.
Basic Costume Idea
On the lighter side, I took a plastic foot and plastic hand to Coach Amazing for her to use on zombie costumes. "You can now say I gave an arm and a leg for the show," I said.

What does my choreography consist of? In the beginning, I have to do some simple 'band leading' of the herd of zombies, then I have to skate around and cue people by clacking the hockey stick and calling out their numbers so they can strut their zombie stuff one at a time. I think this is where the spotlight comes in. They get spotlighted as they do their jumps or spins. I have to cue one skater by touching her, since she's hard of hearing, and that's about it. At the end I have to do a slow two foot rotation waving the hockey stick over 'dead' zombies and fake laughing. So, nothing special.  No jump, spins, and I suspect a swing roll is not a good Death move. I was tempted to do the step behind from the Rhythm Blues, but I have to cover too much ice.

This role would be dynamite for someone with real skating skills. Somebody tall and thin, who could pass for Death. But, they've got me.
Hi! I'm short, cute Death.


  1. That kitty has spooky eyes!

  2. Good luck on the show!! Go freak 'em all!