Saturday, June 2, 2012

The Horror. The Horror.

Dance Coach announced at the beginning of the lesson, "I have many new things for you to learn today."

I'm always aghast when that happens. What new horror is this? Anyway, today was mostly backwards stroking, and backwards chasse' in waltz hold. He started with me in the usual way, with me doing the forward stroking. This goes okay, we've done it off and on. Then backwards stroking/chasse enters the lists.

This is not the first time I've done either of these. We did them a few times in earlier lessons in what I think of as Dance Coach's 'introductory phase'. I'm sort of projecting into his mental processes, but what seems to happen is he shows me something new to see where I am in that skill. If it's completely new, he seems to work on getting me comfortable with the skill with small criticisms. Then he drops it for a few lessons, or we only do it for a few minutes off and on.

Today, the 'introductory phase' was over. We quickly transitioned to what I think of as the 'super critique phase'.

You know what this means. Picky. Picky. Picky.

What happened? One comment on one stroke, "You stepped wide there." And, I learned that I need to be able to skate these when I'm in hold but as if his supporting (right)arm isn't there. So, I shouldn't depend on his arm for support, just guidance. Okay, we do it again, and now that I know what he wants, I do it.

We now proceeded to the 'advanced phase':

"You need deeper edges in these."

Awk! Couldn't we glide along in the 'super critique phase' for a while, so I can enjoy it?

So, I work my kneebend and ankle action on my edges, and Dance Coach says, "Much better than I expected."

I mockingly give him the hairy eyeball, then I laugh. "That's kind of back handed. But I'm happy with that."
The hairy eyeball
Five minutes later, we're warming up for the Canasta Tango for the first time in the lesson. No music, just the pattern. As we do the cross roll, I ask, "One pattern or two?" Don't hear the answer and proceed to go for the second pattern.

Dance Coach went for one pattern.

I don't know what happened exactly. I know my boot hit his boot. The next thing I see is his upper body going past the vertical--backwards.

We're still in Reverse Killian, but I'm useless here. I don't remember if I let go of his hands (which would have been sensible) or not. Whatever happened, he has the reflexes of a fox. He gets himself upright and doesn't fall.

If Dance Coach is shaken up he doesn't show it. My face is white with horror. He sorts out what happened and pats me on the shoulder. All my smugness is gone. I just want to go and hide.

We still have half the lesson left.

I have to credit Dance Coach's professionalism, and coolness for moving the lesson on. He doesn't mention 'The Horror' again, and soon we're back doing the same dance again. He doesn't even emphasize the statement, "Two patterns, this time." Thank you, Dance Coach. I feel better now.

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  1. Your pictures are terrific! Always spot on!