Sunday, July 7, 2019

The Lace Police

I've had to travel heavily over the last month or reasons of family, I haven't had time to skate or post

When I got back on the ice Saturday,  to my total surprise my skills haven't dropped off! A miracle! Remember when I posted that time off ice can let your mind build up skills? I actually got better in one skill I hardly ever practice (forward edge pulls) and my bad foot and hip got better. So what am I going to post about? I'm going to post about my teeny tiny contribution to the adult skating community as a member of the "Lace Police".

When laces drag on the ice

Let's face it, sometimes it just happens, even to elite skaters. But if they're wearing
boot covers, they can keep the laces tucked in so if a lace comes untied,
at least it doesn't end up on the ice. It's rare to see this.
Nobunari Oda--during competition!!
I'm not writing about elites, or even experienced amateurs. I'm writing about people in this situation

Because, is this still a thing with 'youts'? They run around with untied shoelaces, for 'reasons'?

And when they put skates on they lace to the middle and tie a bow?

 Yes, I've become the "Lace Police"
Because once I see a dragging lace, it catches in my eye and I have to be the nice adult.
I mean I only see laces dragging on the ice one or two times a session, and I only speak to adults or older teens.  I say, "Your laces are dragging on the ice, you don't want to trip over them." That's it. If they're little kids I only point them out to the rink guard because the rink has insurance .If the guard helps the kid, they're covered if the kid falls later and some parent sues the rink.   

You'd be amazed at how many people just tuck the laces in the top of their boots and the laces fall out 30 seconds later. Meh, screw you. I gave you a helpful tip, now it's your job to fix it. 

And for the people who do fix it on their own? Most get off the ice and do it themselves, good for them. But occasionally, people will do it on ice. That's brave of them, but...

Fixing laces on the ice? That's something I don't want to see


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