Monday, July 8, 2019

The Catchfoot Something.

I have to exercise my left hip several times a day by lifting my left foot up, reaching behind me with my right hand and pulling my left leg up towards my shouldr.  Off ice I can hold this position on one foot, no problem. So on the ice (while at the boards) I was able to grab my left boot from behind with my right hand and pull my foot up to relieve a hip cramp.

I know what you're thinking: Catchfoot spiral.....with opposite hand.
Carolina Kostner
Let me say, of all the skater's pictures I looked at the catchfoot spiral with the opposite hand is  3 pictures out of 400 of any kind of catchfoot spiral. And out of the 3 pictures I found of this position , 2 were adult recreational skaters. (I don't know why this is the case. Is it a points issue? Is it just an individual flexibility issue? Elite skates are very flexible. If it's worth it for points, they should be doing it in droves.)
Then there were the pictures of opposite hand catchfoot SPINS! There were more pictures of opposite hand positions for spins than for just opposite hand catchfoot spirals.  Is this happening for some balance reason? Or, again, because of points?

I know that given I'm able to do this balancing on one foot off ice, I should be more enthusiastic about it. I may have found a 'signature move' (as if spinning both ways isn't enough).  But jeeze, isn't this scary?  Crushed fingers, face planting, rolling over the ice like a walnut if I fall level of scary?

When my coach saw me pull my left leg up with my right hand she said, "Oh, we'll need to work on that as soon as you get your leg a little higher."

On the outside I'm all

I'm trapped by my coach's expectations!
Pray for me! 


  1. I find that all spirals are easier to do backwards (because - toepick), but of course nearly impossible to practice if there's more than one skater on the ice (more than one, and the invisible magnet is activated).


    1. I don't get many chances to practice backwards spirals because I don't have access to freestyle, but it is indeed easier.