Saturday, June 15, 2019

Form vs Power

I have know, balance, body position, posture, eyes head, shoulders, knee bend. Every thing in the right place. When I skate backwards, I look over my shoulder, do full undercross, and face the center. But oh dear God, I have no power.

When I skate with the 'kids' in one LTS group (they're all 13-ish) the coach puts us in back crossovers in the center for the warm up.


I can't tell you how terrifying it is, to be going backwards in a circle with kids who are skating fast (with poor edge control, not enough knee bend, stiff crossovers always in a near death click of death) and paying no attention to anything.

I'm slow. Yes I acknowledge it, but I'm 68 and cut me some slack.  I look over my shoulder so I don't run into the person behind me, but I have to worry about the person in front of me running into me.

This can lead to a cascading event, where one skater runs into the one behind them, and then the one that gets hits, hits the one behind them...and so on.

Causing a Cascading Event

The Kids Will Bounce back up

My Fear For Myself?
Yes, I Chicken out and get away from them.

But Dah-ham I look good when I do!

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