Sunday, March 23, 2014

My Bad Checking as Described in Combat Hand Signals

My lesson Saturday was all about getting my arms under control while checking my turns. Let's just say that like many adult learners I have 'issues' checking.  Seeing an opportunity to prepare you for 'the Revolution', 'Occupy Ice Rink', or a time machine trip to WWII Army service, I'll provide my faults to you in Army Combat Hand Signals.

My right mohawk used to require a lot of shoulder motion to get the turn on the skating foot.  Scarily, I was ordering:

As Skirmishers!

When I learned to skate, my stroking had lopsided arms. I was ordering:
Echelon, Right!
But, I don't do that anymore.

My three turns have always been a problem. Serious checking problems. This time, I'm not giving a command, I'm trying to get the attention of 30-60 men, or ordering a copy of a 1986 Vietnam War movie by Oliver Stone.

 My coach should really learn some hand signals. It would save her voice from the other end of the rink. For example, in her attempt to get me to show more power she could signal:
Increase Speed! Double Time!
Or when I've screwed something up, she could order:
Rally point! Right now!
To which I reply:
Who me?


  1. Too funny! I feel your pain. Still working on my arm control too. So hard to think about properly controlling my arms while I'm focusing on my feet. :-)

  2. You're so clever and funny. Checking is critical, so good to recognize and address the issues.

  3. My arms do what they aughtn't too. Possibly because I'm not clear on what checking is, just that I don't do it right.