Sunday, March 16, 2014

Mastering Mohawks

For some reason I have a lot of trouble with mohawks. Here's what I've tried:
1. Use the upper shoulders
2. Use the hips
3. Use the half drop inside 3 (not something I'd recommend, but it works---ugly)
But these *force* the mohawk, rather than have them come naturally.

It's  not that these techniques won't work, but they've been mere stops along the road I've traveled to move into proper smooth mohawks. And I'd like to master then all: swing mohawks, open, closed,  and that thing in the Blues where you do that big sweepy move with the free leg in the corner and then do a mohawk.

So, after working the whole body from top to bottom, I realized that a long time ago, Coach Amazing gave me a tip about doing turns.

To Do a Turn
Press On The Inside Edge

That's all I did different. Inside a single lesson I was doing the change edge swing mohawk from the pre-Bronze Adult Moves test.

Were they perfect? Well, they were smooth, and I had my extension in the right place, so they were okay. But I was slow and timid. Shrug. Also, I still have trouble getting my free left foot to turn out, so about 1 out of five times, I have to recover with a two foot turn.

Was all the rest of the stuff a waste of time? I don't think so. The 'forced' ways, really helped me learn different body positions, and build my skills, so not a waste. I'm not a natural skater, so I'm resigned  to taking the long hard slog.

What's Next in Madam Bianca's Tour d'Fear?

Working on kid level power?

An Adult Group number for the Spring Show?
Can you spot me?

The dreaded 8-step mohawk...what fun!


  1. Skating is not natural.

  2. "To Do a Turn Press On The Inside Edge"--this sounds one of those instructional bon mot which one has to feel--a thing which defies precise or at least easy verbal explanation. Both of my coaches have an endless supply of those. Right now I'm struggling to grasp the enigmatic chestnut of coach wisdom which rests at the core of the edge change which allows the slight of foot known as the forward inside Choctaw.

    1. YES! I think I had to go through all the other ways to get to the point where I could do it the 'bon mot' way.

  3. So that the tip worked! The 8-step mohawk isn't that bad, unless you want it at the tempo that the judges prefer. Then all bets are off. :)

    1. Tempo-Shmempo! It's practicing them on public that I worry about!