Saturday, March 22, 2014

Getting up from a Fall....On Ice

There you are, thrilled to be learning to be gliding along, and suddenly you fall. There's many reasons you fall when you're a beginner skater.

You think someone has run into you

When really, someone is just passing by:

But then you fall. What's the beginner skater's reaction? The pathetic
"Help me please"
or maybe the more aggressive...

But pretty soon you learn to get up. At first is isn't easy.
Use your toepicks, willya!
If you're cute, there's always a helpful stranger or two:
If you're not cute, you're often left to struggle on your own:
 And we all wish for magical powers!

But in skating like Life, getting up from the fall and moving on is a critical skill!

Because when you get up and start skating again, you feel great!


  1. Brilliant!!! BTW, who are the people in the GIF of the man and the woman, who falls?

    1. It was a TV interview before the Olympics. I don't know who they are.

  2. This post really just made my day. :) Especially the getting up as a critical skill part.