Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Fitness Tips from Figure Skaters at the Olympics

While you're waiting for some more skating, here's some articles about skating fitness, on ice beauty secrets, and development of expression in performance.

Davis and White talk about some fitness tips for building up their quads

Building powerful calves with Tara Lipinski

Gracie Gold's Core building exercises 

Gracie Gold's Leg building exercises

Evan Lysacek's manly workout.

Jason Brown's Jumping Warm-up exercises. (complementary video from icoachskating.com--requires ability to do doubles)

Makeup tips for female skaters. Hey, Spin pins are used by Meryl Davis! I've written about them for tests.

Mime classes are used by several elite skaters....would that Julia Lipnitskya would take some mime classes to get expression, and control those arms.
It's a game based on a 15 year old
Russian skating phenom, who has out of control arms

YES, I am full of snark. Go Team USA!

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