Saturday, January 25, 2014

Kickin' Up The 8 Step Mohawk

Miss Bianca and I are working on my 'Captain Hook' program. I'm just adorable. Really.

Now she wants me to add an 8 step mohawk. Well that's what she calls it. Also, it's "A dancey little element."

It's NOT 'the' 8 step mohawk. Below is a 'real' 8 step mohawk. Crossover, mohawk, back stroke, back step over (or crossover, I can't tell), turn forward with a back inside mohawk (facing into the circle).

What she wants me to do is a kicked up modification of this. Forward crossover, crossover, mohawk, Crossed STEP BEHIND while going backwards, cross in front, turn forward.

Uh, Going backwards, and crossing the free foot behind the skating foot! This is me:

This is what a back crossed step behind looks like (as done by a world champion ice dancer).

So for me, the real trick was the little 'kick' forward before the actual step behind. Oh, and pointing my toe forward with all the strength in my tiny little body, until I brought my my foot back. And keeping my thighs together.

Then I remembered I'd posted about this before, only forwards!


  1. Your description of the proposed footwork sounds a lot like the 10-step dance sequence I'm working on in ISI's freestyle-2. Is there an edge "sway" between the last forward outside edge of the cross-over and the entry edge for the Mohawk?

  2. Not yet! But it might be for the future

  3. Yep, that is also me when asked to do a backward moving cross behind! Perfect picture for that.

    Also Hugh Laurie's greatest role (other than House of course). ;-)

  4. I've done this in a program- I think by the time the performance came I nixed the step behind, but I practiced it to humor the coach.

    I cannot do the 8 step mohawk though. It's the cadence that kills me. Oh, and the CCW side...

    1. The 8 Step Mohawk is on the Silver MIF test. It's the CW way that's killing me. And like you Jessim, that cadence!!

      That step behind thing.... For me, not happening, no way, no how...