Sunday, January 12, 2014

Building a Skating Program---

Miss Bianca is determined that I do a program in May. An ISI spotlight program for Delta level skaters.

So far we've eliminated my attempt to reuse my Death Costume in  "Death Takes a Holiday". Death skates in, scythe in hand to tolling bells. Then the background noise of a hockey game comes up. He throws back his robe to reveal a hockey jersey,  and using the scythe as a hockey stick, skates around hockey style, then he scores and the hockey goal siren comes up. Next Death emulates Gene Kelly's 'mop' number, by skating with the scythe as if it's a dance partner.
Then as the bell starts to toll again,  Death lunges with the scythe as if to kiss it. Yes, Death scores twice!  So, maybe better for Adult Nationals someday.

Anyway, the program's too long and, seeing me in my costume has driven children to tears so we're looking for something else.

 Miss Bianca has suggested I skate to "Captain Hook's Waltz". This requires a ship prop. 

So far I'm learning that in ISI, if there's not a dremel tool involved there's not a spotlight program.


  1. So far, I've done Spotlight programs with an inflatible alligator, a bathtub and giant rubber ducky, a sailboat, a picture and easel, a big yellow parasol and a big cardboard VW bus. It's a lot of fun!

  2. I am very anti props in a Spotlight program and believe that you should be able to convey your idea though musicality and skating. I've skated and won many Spotlight competitions without so much as an extra feather for a prop. But, that's my opinion; do as you wish.

    However, I would love to see your "Death Takes a Holiday" program.