Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Talented Adult Male Skater

We have a number of younger male skaters at my rink. It's guys with axels all over the place.

Plus we have two adult male skaters. One's an elite senior from another country; the other is a show skater who shows up during the off season. I don't see them often, because they tend to skate during the weekday freestyles.  Like other rinks I've been at, weekend freestyles here tend to be populated with lower level freestyle skaters.

So, if you don't have talented adult male skaters at your rink, you may want to know what it's like when one lands a multi-rotation jump near you. Here's what it's like:

It's like a flash of lightening hit the tree next to you.


  1. Used to skate with a 6'1" Senior Man doing triples all over the place. Meh, got used it after two sessions. Was still in awe and really angry at him when, after making it to Nationals, he quit.

  2. When they land a jump: Wait? Was that thunder?