Saturday, October 13, 2018

Taking a Skating Pause for more than one Injury

I'm Falling Apart

Right now I have left hip bursitis with some extensive discomfort from the lower back to mid-thigh. Doctor's appointment (round two since August) on Monday.

And keeps me awake at night

Multiple daily stretches means that the pain is reduced, but I can't do a crossover on that side. All I can do is to skate on two feet. So swizzles, and grapevines and pumps--maybe two foot spins--are all I'm able to do.

I also have a bunion on my right big toe.  I can actually skate with this (FOR NOW) but;

1. I have  rescued it with a toe spacer, tape, a donut callus pad plus a gel tube.  That boot is getting crowded in there. 

2. Hurt when I skate? Hnh, it hurts when I walk! Inevitably I will have to have have the bunion operated on. My podiatrist is a level 4 Hockey Coach so at least he understands the problems with skater's feet.  However, that surgery takes 6 weeks to recover.

What do I mean by 'inevitably? Probably in 3 to 6 months plus recovery.

I was really getting the speed going on my spins too. 

So, I may only post once a week when I can find funny topics. My ability to skate is iffy for the nonce.


  1. Wishing you speedy and complete recovery.

    1. Thank you. It's really boring on weekends though.

  2. Sorry to hear that you're down for the count. Hope it's only a temporary set back.

  3. Oh ouch!!! Sorry to hear that you're having so much pain. Here's hoping for a smooth recovery and a return to the rink (and walking) very soon.