Sunday, October 21, 2018

Back on the ice--yet again!

Relief! I can skate!

I'm not healed, but if I take care, I can skate for an extended period of time: 90 minutes.

It's a lot of slow lap skating forwards and back, a long period of warm up, and careful avoidance of too much one foot work.

Skating on the bad leg on one foot for spins and mohawks, is right out.  My bad leg is substantially weaker than it was before, so any sharp curves on one foot with strain on the bad leg's hip flexor is a little awkward. Surprisingly,  I can do serviceable outside and inside 3 turns. Two foot spins at a ripping speed are okay too.

Despite the weakness in the bad leg I can do fine forward and backward crossovers.  You know how I know they're fine? My coach didn't make any comments at all.

Praise in Figure Skating Is Not making Corrections

I'm still forced to focus on youTube videos for PT advice. PT is so popular around here, I have to wait two weeks to get an evaluation.  I may be well by then....


  1. Sounds promising. Glad to hear that your back on the ice rather than just icing your toe.

  2. Thanks George. I consider the foot exercises a minor miracle. I was really in a lot of pain and now it's almost completely gone