Monday, November 23, 2015

(UPDATED) The Yoga Mat as a Figure Skating Tool

I'm talking about a cheap, thin yoga mat. The kind you get at Five and Below.

This thing is an amazing source of cuttable easy to manipulate waterproof sturdy padding.

Tired of paying 10-20 dollars for a gel lace pad? Want something a custom length or width or thickness? Cut up yoga mat is your answer. Bite pad too thin? Double layer it.

Want a nice pad for the bottom of your skate bag?  Custom cut it from a mat.

Want a layer between your skates in your skating suitcase, and every thing piled on top? Yoga mat.

Want something on which lay out your gear in a dirty dressing room?  Yoga mat!

Washable and easily replaced. Best $5 a skater can spend.

(UPDATE) and if you have Tuff Terry soakers (the ones with the ribbon on the bottom) you can put a strip of mat inside temporarily to give you a little more defense against a hard floor. (Take it out for storage)

(UPDATE) If someone walks off with your guards... You can also cut a strip of yoga mat about 3 inches wide and a foot long, fold it lengthwise put it around the blades and hold it on with rubber bands. It may do enough as a blade guard until you can get some new ones.

And you could also use it as a yoga mat!

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  1. Awesome! Good uses for my old beat up mat!!!! And an excuse to buy a new one.