Saturday, November 7, 2015

All Hail The Mighty Cortisone Shot!

Long story short. After two years of off again on again physical therapy for my trochanter bursitis, I told my ortho to shoot my hip full of cortisone.

I don't regret my experience with physical therapy.  It reduced my pain, and I learned some good exercises; the all important fact that my right hip is naturally open, my left is naturally closed, and I twist my body to compensate.  Let's just say, in my skating journey I've learned a lot about my personal anatomy. Fortunately so, since now I'm finally straightening all this out and I'm skating like a real skater.

But, the hell with it, I just wanted the hip pain gone, so bring out the injection!

The only amusing thing was when I showed my ortho some of the skating positions where my hip bothered me, he was a little astonished that I could hold them.

"Okay, here I am doc, in a forward crossover, the the underleg in the second push, and I gently rotate the underleg internally to lift the toepick as I go deeper in the knee while on the inside edge on the overleg...THAT'S when it hurts!"

Maybe he wasn't so much 'astonished' as confused, cause I can talk paint off a wall.

The injection didn't go into the bursa, but next to it. My ortho said it might feel okay the next day or the next week. The cortisone sort of gets absorbed by the bursa and the cortisol reduces the inflammation. I gather some people get injections into the hip, but that didn't happen to me.

The hip pain went away after 48 hours, but I had a mild reaction to the injection itself, and that hurt like a son of a bitch. Now after 6 days I'm pain 'freeish'.

Anyway, off ice this week as a precaution. 


  1. Hope the pain goes away soon! Take it easy and ease back into skating.

  2. Oh how I love you, Shot of Cortisone! Just got one in my knee!

  3. Hoping it works for you. Was excellent for my wrist the first time, but the second has had no effect at all.