Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Building Figure Skating

USFSA and ISI want men to figure skate. Hey, try making skating appeal to the 'traditional' guy!

I made the numbers up. I think Evan's are better.
Want to build adult skating?

Ideas, I have ideas! Sadly most skating organizations rely on the skating clubs to post pictures on a bulletin board. You have to really, really want to skate to read those. To build skating the organizations need good professional signs and posters.

Yeah, Just.Like.the.Hockey.Clubs.

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  1. Figure Skating needs a spin doctor! Pardon the pun. It's too bad more rinks don't think like Madison Avenue. Here's another one for the boys: FIGURE SKATING-IT's WHERE ALL THE GIRLS ARE! And if you happen to be gay, we've got that, too!

    It also puzzles me that Adult Skating is not more heavily promoted, either. There's a whole demographic that could be generating more revenue. Heck, who do you think pays for all those lessons? It's those people who earn livings! The older, the better! Who else has loads of time and retirement!