Sunday, July 21, 2013

Residual Horse Show Reflexes

Mostly, I'm the beloved adult skater who helps out with the club, stays out of the younger (faster) skaters' way on freestyle, and smiles a lot when I'm on ice. But occasionally, I run into someone who just can't stand adult skaters. This experience happened in 2008. 

Alas, this is my last Xtranormal video. The animation service is closing down in a few days.


  1. I've seen these "custom" animations on other blogspots. How does one do this? Is there a website where you plug in the dialog and the system spits out a cartoon?

    1. I did this at Don't get excited about it. They close down 31 July 13.

  2. I challenge any kid's dislike of adult skaters to match my dislike of child skaters...bring it

  3. I loved those Xtranormal animations; there were some side-splitters about being a Sign Language Interpreter. Sorry to see them go. Anyway, I must agree with "Q" regarding the dislike of adult skaters by children. Actually, more than kids, I dislike the "hovering parents". But, that's a subject for my own blog...

    Love reading your posts!

  4. I must skate in a parallel universe. I have no beef with the kiddies at my rink--other than most of 'em skate way better than I do! In my experience, they're polite and ask if I'm OK if/when I crash and burn. Some of the teens are aloof, but then they've no doubt been warned not to talk to strange old men--especially ones on ice skates.