Sunday, December 22, 2019

Notes on Christmas Ice

It's Christmas and the Ice Tourists are here en masse. This week and next week are the two most miserable public skates of the year. At my rink, Christmas Ice are the only two publics where they do mid session ice cuts.  So, the ice is crap after the first 10 minutes, and crowds double after the ice cut.

The Rink
Notice women are wearing both back and white boots.
That's a loooong time ago

The one person who goes against the flow
and can't figure out what's going on
The kid who can't skate
is like the cat in the soccer pitch:
everything stops until you get them 
out of the circle

And adults who can't skate then get in
the circle,  ignore my evil eye.
I mean if you're in your 30's and get in the circle because it's not
as scary as skating in the crowds, you should be ashamed of yourself

My coach to entitled mom with kid in the circle: "Please take your child out of the circle."
Entitled Mom: "But it's safe from the crowds."
Mom: You can't tell me what to do.
My Coach: I'm a coach (points to big words on jacket) YES I CAN.

But hey, I got to work on 1 foot inside and outside rockers and counters. New stuff
Coach: "Do inside counter, back cross, then spin."
Me: "Ok"    [spin sucks]  "You learn something new, something old goes bad."

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